The dangers of food borne illness and food poisoning

Eating a Varied diet rich is nutrient rich foods is essential for health, but storing, cooking and preparing foods properly is critical to reducing the risk of food poisoning and food-borne illnesses. Food borne infections can happen when eating food contaminated with infectious microbes during incorrect food handling, preparation and storage. Infectious agents such as salmonella, Listeriosis and E.Coli simply multiply and infect tissue of the body causing a range of undesirable symptoms including diarrheoa, nausea, bloody stools, fever, muscle weakness and pains, difficulty swallowing or numbness. Food Borne Illness can be dangerous and life-threatening especially to those who are pregnant/lactating, malnourished, immune compromised, very old or very young.

So how is food contaminated? It’s important to note there are a few different way foods may become contaminated including:

* Faeces

Bacteria/ Viruses are excreted by the faeces of humans and animals and in countries with poor sewage systems, water used to drink and cook with may be contaminated.

* By an infected Person

A food handler with an open wound, or coughs, sneezes on food, or the handler inadequately washes hands. Also by sharing a toothbrush, food or utensils with an infected person may cause illness.

* Cross-contamination

When infected food touches other food via knife, plate, chopping board or hands cross-contamination can occur.

By keeping safe and clean in the kitchen, being knowledgeable on correct food storage, and maintaining proper hygiene, consumers can produce the necessary preventative measures to ensure health and wellbeing.

For more information of health and food safety, along with food poisoning and food borne illnesses see below websites.

Healthiest regards



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