The Golden Rules of a Healthy Diet

There are many different diets available to consumers for tackling a variety of health problems from blood sugars issues, high blood pressure or even weight loss. Here at nutritionnourishment it’s all about a healthy eating lifestyle, rather than a structured diet. The truth to a happier healthier life is pure balance! Here are a few golden rules for a healthy diet that everybody can include into their lifestyle to obtain the benefits!

Rule #1
Sound simple right? Well perhaps it can be tough to adjust to real food if your’ve become accustomed to stocking your kitchen with packaged, boxed and processed food. Yet this is the most important change in shopping and cooking you could make for the sake of your health. Why? Processing strips food of its natural nutrients, or replaces those nutrients with unhealthy ingredients like sugar, salts and fat, and introduces a large range of factory created preservatives including colouring, flavours and artificial enhancers.
My tip is to spend less time in the centre aisles at the supermarket and more time along the perimeter where the fresh foods are located.
Now there are some exceptions including frozen vegetables and frozen fruits, which have been scientifically studied to find they are nutritionally equivalent to fresh.

Rule #2
Proteins are essential for good health, but on the modern dinner plate there is often big servings of meat with a small pile of vegetables and potato or rice. For your health lets mix it up a bit and let proteins take up 1/4 of your plate, filling the rest with plenty of vegetables and whole grains.
It’s also important if you are a meat eater to make the time to trim your meat of fat before cooking. Lean meats that are seasoned well are every bit as satisfying and considerably healthier.
Also try to include other protein alternative to meat including fish, legumes, eggs, nuts, low-fat cheeses and other seafoods.

Rule #3
Seven fruits and vegetables a day routinely will not only help with weight loss but heart health, cancers and blood pressure issues. In addition your gaining some important nutrients like fibre, vitamins A and C, and phytochemicals. These compounds have been shown to protect your heart, prevent cancerous tumours, strengthen your bones and improve eye sight. Sounds good right?

Rule #4
HAve you got a sweet tooth? or do you prefer salty foods? In scientific studies, refined sugar, salts and fats have been consistency linked to heart disease and high blood pressure. It’s easier to make a healthy diet become a habit if you take your time to make small adjustments to create a lifestyle change. Try cooking with spices and flavours, mix it up and create new taste sensations. Include healthy fats into your diet including mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats like olive oil, avocados, walnuts and linseeds.

Rule #5
We’ve become so accustom to huge portions of food that we have lost touch with what constitutes reasonable portion sizes. Healthy eaters know that by eating well-cooked, flavour rich foods in modest proportions they will be able to enjoy a satisfying meal. Need a hand to wean down those portion sizes? if your still hungry after a reasonable sized meal, most vegetables are low enough in kjs that you can happily enjoy a second helping. So fill yourself up the healthy way with fruits and vegetables.

Rule #6
Finally the last golden rule, which i’ve included as I feel is important to heal an unhealthy diet is to eat with cherished friends and family. To be surrounded by loved one- your spouse, children, your grandparents- while enjoying a delicious meal can be a terrific stress reducer and can offer you a sense of joy and wellbeing. All these factors can increase your endorphins and make you feel happier and lower your blood pressure.

I hope you find these rules help you on your path to a healthy and happy lifestyle. remember food should be fun, be creative and experiment!

Healthiest Regards



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