Homemade Kombucha: Growing your own SCOBY.

As promised nutrition nourishment is sharing with you how to make your own homemade kombucha. The first step in this process is growing your own SCOBY.

What is SCOBY?
The SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast), looks like a flat mushroom but is solid and squishy. Some people relate the textures to a raw chicken breast. This SCOBY is actually alive and feeds on white sugar within the tea when making kombucha. WHITE SUGAR???? Yes, plain old white sygar, the SCOBY’s thrive on it. After fermentation, which usually takes around 7-10 days, the SCOBY is then taken out of the tea, and the tea is flavoured, bottled and refrigerated ready to drink. The purpose of the fermentation is for the SCOBY to eat up the sugar, creating a ‘fizz’ in the tea drink and releases a byproduct of healthy gut bacteria strands to aid in gut health.


How to grow a kombucha SCOBY STEP 1: But a bottle of kombucha.
Purchase a bottle of unpazturized kombucha were the active bacteria cultures a clearly visible. You may notice a slimy floaty onto of the bottle, this is your baby SCOBY. **Note you can also purchase SCOBY, or baby SCOBY. If you have a friend who makes Kombucha, they may offer a section of their SCOBY for you to grow as well.

STEP 2:Brew the tea
To grow your baby SCOBY, 4 cups of tea is enough. Bring it to the boil, add 4 tea bags or loose leaf (white or green tea works best and has the most amount of flavonoids and antioxidants compared to it’s relative black tea and oolong). Steep for 2-4 minutes and remove the tea bags. If you are worried about caffeine, use decaffeinated tea bags.

STEP 3: Add Sugar
I can’t stress enough the use of organic cane sugar because regular sugar contains additives, preservatives and is mostly GMO!!! Nutrition nourishment does not advocate these!!! Add 3/4 Cup of organic cane sugar to the hot tea and stir gentles. Unfortunately for all the raw honey enthusiasts, It does not work well in the fermentation process of kombucha, making cane sugar the sweeter of choice.

Step 4: Wait and watch the fermentation begin.
Once the tea has cooled, place contents of your tea brew into a 1 litre glass jar, in combination with the store bought kombucha. Cover with a cloth and use an elastic band to secure it. Make sure the jar is placed out of direct sunlight in room temperature, and wait.. Do not move the jar until you have a thick SCOBY. Usually SCOBY can grow within 7-10 days, however if it is particularly cold where you live, it may take a little longer.

STEP 5: Hello SCOBY!!
When your SCOBY is fully grown, you can now make your homemade kombucha with it. The kombucha in this batch is not drinkable, However, wait until our next blog post and I will share with you how to brew your homemade kombucha using this batch..

Stay tunes for next week blog, how brewing your homemade kombucha.

Healthiest regards



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