Finding Your inner spirit: Awakening your third eye.

Nutritionnourishment encourages a holistic lifestyle approach to health and wellness, exploring not only physical health but spiritual and emotional. In today’s blog we’re delving into the spiritual world to help heal your soul and your intuition. Everyone has access to his or her third eye, which is the ability to see what might be, to see potential. A natural part of every person, it consists of your mind and all your senses working together as a much larger, more powerful sensory organ. Our third eye is part of our energetic body, it has been with us since the very birth of our physical body, and it has always been activated, reflective on qualities such as confidence, truth, willpower, and trust.

How does intuition and knowing manifest in our reality?

We become more confident as we have a sense of knowing and understanding about our life’s path and there’s nothing more satisfying than knowing how to go about things, even when times are tough. We being to see life experiences more clearly, which allows for truth to manifest in our heart and mind. When your third eye is open and receptive, you can reap the many benefits of a strong sixth chakra including imagination, powerful dreams, mental stamina, strong memory skills, empathetic connections, deep wisdom and perceptiveness.

Below are some tools you may wish to utilise to rebalance your energy and support the flow to your third eye.

Look deep into your body

The third eye can become blocked with over-use of the analytical mind, with stress and over-thinking produces energetic build up of the mind. Try to stay in a more neutral, open state ready to receive and accept intuitive information by dropping out of your over-active mind and focus on body rhythms such as breathing. Meditation, taking a walk, enjoying a bath, lying on the earth and taking a moment to ground yourself can help to shift your mind’s energy into balance.

Release Competition

The intuitive mind is not competitive, take a few moments to runs through your current situation and support your inner welbeing. Letting go of any competitive energy that drains you will allow you to remain open to healing intuitive energy flow instead of closing yourself off to buffer against the competitive dynamic that is draining your energy.

Find wisdom from loss and pain

Life isn’t meant to be a strict linear path of good experiences, or good fortunes, or a path that doesn’t offer challenges; we wouldn’t be able to grow if it was. There are some amazing quotes, healing self help books and spiritual leaders out there that may offer comfort with their words and in their sharing, however, your third eye is there to assist you in finding your own meaning in life events. Nothing is as powerful and long lasting as connecting with your own intuitive wisdom. Take the time to sit with your emotions and open your own wisdom. Support from others can be wonderfully life-changing, but ultimately you need to connect with your own inner knowing in order to make that meaningful outlook last.

Find an exercise you enjoy

Similar to dropping into your body to help clear your third eye, there are lots of energy practice and physical exercise that you can do to stay in an open mental state. Find a decompressing routine that uplifts you most and make it part of your lifetime routine whether its in the form of tai chi, walking meditation, chanting, yoga, visualisation, art, music or dance.

Trust in spontaneous information

Intuition can come to us in many different form, for some people its very physical (feelings, sensations and bodily symptoms that pass over the body), for others it can be auditory, visual ( in the form of seeing auras or other energetic information) or for others intuition arrives as ‘knowings’. Everyone is capable of picking up on intuitive information, you just have to get into the habit of allowing and observing intuitive information, rather than discarding it automatically. Write down smells, sensations, knowings, feelings, hunches, urges, dreams and keep the list that shows you growing. When you read back over your journal you’ll be shocked and impressed with what you were able to pick up on.


Intuitive individuals tend to be quite empathetic, picking up on the energy of others, and they can sometimes find crowds, smells, sensations, social interactions and public place over-stimulating. There is honour within solitude, recharging your energy and supporting your health. Read lots of books, meditate, star gazing, affirmations, drawing or colouring, light candles or incense, turn off the TV or mobile phones, take time in each day to be with yourself. This is not passive time, solitude is fortifying and strengthening to your third eye.

Support brain health

The third eye is in the middle of your forehead between your eyebrows, right where your brain and pineal gland sit. Support healthy brain function and you can automatically support your third eye. Vitamin D, from routine sunshine each day, healthy oils/fats in the diet/ antioxidants and fish oils are fabulous ways to boost brain health.

Good luck on your spiritual journey, finding a deeper connection with your mind and soul. The brow chakra is a magnificent tool that once opened and amplified with meditation, can bring about insights and understanding that will gently guide you and inspire you in the direction of your highest growth and evolution. For more information on Ajna chakra/third eye and meditation see below.

Heal Yourself: 6 Simple Ways to Heal & Balance Your Third Eye Chakra

10 minute self-love meditation (download to your phone and listen each night):

The Meditation Society of Australia offers downloadable podcasts and phone apps for guided meditation, along with an online community.

Finding Your inner spirit: Awakening your third eye.

As always with healthiest regards



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