My Story

Why am I so confident that I can help you? Because I helped myself.

I’ve struggled in the past with my own body image throughout most of my teenage years and early 20s. Like many girls, I tortured myself to the point where food was the enemy and my body was a burden. My relationship with my body was turbulent: I was a carbrestricting, fad-dieting, anxiety-ridden, scale-fearing, self-loathing, and self-doubting mess.

I took extreme measures to to get my body to look a certain way including calorie-restricting, throwing up, diet pills, laxatives and starving. Whenever I felt I had over-indulged, I would punish my body by beating myself up, and over-excercising (until i fainted).

I thought I was doing everything right, and I couldn’t understand my body at all and why I always felt unwell. I was experiencing constant migraines, body aches, bruises that would pop up out of nowhere, my nails were brittle and my hair was falling out in clumps. My diet and lifestyle was so extreme, in fact, it was downright dangerous. My obsession with dieting and food clouded my ability to listen to what my body really needed.

Then something clicked. I realised hating on my body was not only affecting everything in my life, it had become my life. I committed myself to understanding what nutrition was all about, and how the body utilises the food I consumed. Once I started to learn and understand how the body actually works, my mentality shifted. I viewed food as a source of nourishment, not the enemy. I realised it didn’t matter what the number on the scales read, that would never make me happy. I needed to work on myself and find true happiness outside of my own self-obsession. I began to eat in a way that healed my body. Listening to what foods worked for me and what foods didn’t. This become how I tuned into my body’s needs and help support my system to work at it’s full potential. Even now, I’m constantly changing the way I eat, to fit into my lifestyle, and how my body feels at the time.

I’ve come a long way! It’s not been an easy task, but it has brought me so much knowledge, understanding and peace within myself.

So what exactly was I doing wrong?

I drank too much caffeine, and sugar-filled drinks

I beat myself up whenever I indulged (even when I did not indulge)

I ate low-fat products as well as processed foods and daily tins of tuna.

I had a diet mentality. I was a fad dieter who never ate any fat, but couldn’t lose fat either.

I was stressed and anxious.

I wasn’t sleeping enough.

I was out of touch with my body – in fact, I hated on it.

I exercised until I fainted, I couldn’t move and my body ached constantly

I changed, over time to form healthier habits that include: 

I ditched processed foods and sugar for good.

I started eating beautiful wholefoods.

I learnt to love good fats. My diet is predominantly fats.

I reduced my gluten intake to the point where I’m now 90% gluten free!

I enjoyed caffeine and tea occasionally. (Emphasise on ENJOY!).

I drank tons of water. (Upwards of 3 Litres daily, more in summer).

I loaded up on green veggies every day. Some might call it an addiction.

I healed my gut with probiotics and prebiotics.

I boosted my self-esteem and changed my relationship with my body and food.

I reduced the stressors in my life and learnt how to respond better to stress.

I cut out toxic scenes and people.

I adapted a sleep routine, that allowed me to sleep peacefully throughout the night, rather than tossing and turning.

I threw out toxic products and made the switch to natural, vegan-friendly skin and household items.

I exercised less, but smarter. (And not till the point of exhaustion).

I tuned into the mind-body connection. Meditation and mindfulness helped heal my soul.

I gave myself the chance to REST. Even if it’s only a short walk in nature or reading a book before bed.

Once I started listening to my body, it responded in the best way. It healed itself. I freed myself from the all-consuming obsession with food, and finally found balance.

When you feed your body with goodness and love, it is so, so good to you in return. It’s the most empowering, amazing feeling. I feel I am incredibly rich in love, health and peace.

I want you to feel the same way. I would love the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with you, so that you can not only feel incredible, but become a role model for those around you.

My Credentials 

The world of health, and nutrition is absolutely fascinating and is continuously evolving. I pledge to never stop learning throughout my career. As for my qualifications, I’ve finalised my completion of The Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine, which I studied through one of the top integrative medicine colleges in Australia, the Australasian College of Natural Therapies. I am registered as a Clinical Nutritionist through one of the top CAM association The Australian Traditional Medicine Society. (This is a term used to regulate qualified nutritionists within their scope of practice, meaning you can be assured you’ll be provided with some of the best practitioners that Complementary and Alternative Medicine Industry has to offer).

Through 2018-2019, I will be completing The Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition). I have chosen to continue my education to better position myself as a professional practitioner within my industry. So you can rest assure you are being treated by a professional and knowledgable practitioner who abides by industry regulations.


Nutrition Nourishment Business Portfolio


As a accredited member of The Australian Traditional Medicine Society Ltd., Tegan abides by the Professional Practitioner Code of Conduct. For a copy of the code, please click the link below.

ATMS Practitioner Code of Conduct