“I would highly recommend Nutrition Nourishment with Tegan Carrall. Recently i had a consult with this highly intuitive lady and found her to be very good. She took the time with me to get to know what I was looking for from a nutritional point of view as well as what my goals were moving forward…..There was no rush in her assessment time either, quite the opposite….I am looking forward to my follow up consult in a couple of weeks and hopefully with the small changes that were suggested, results will be there…..”–Elizabeth

“A very driven and knowledgeable young lady.
The perfect combination of humble and happiness. I found Tegan to be very approachable which made my experience much easier then expected. I’ve achieved my goals even though they were little… Tegan treated them as if they were immense. Thank you Tegan. – Clara-May

“I worked alongside Tegan for 6 months during 2017, to help focus on improving my health and diet. She catered to my needs, and listened to what I wanted. I never felt pressured, and always had the support and encouragement to continue on my journey to good health. I cannot thank Tegan enough for changing my life” – Mick

” Tegan is a wonderful practitioner, providing professional service with the knowledgable expertise. I worked through a detox plan with Tegan, during the end of 2017. She made my little snippet of 2017 so enjoyable. Tegan is so full of happiness and inspiration, I found the whole process very smooth.” – Judy

” I had the honour of mentoring Tegan during her studies. I am so proud of her progress in the last 18 months and have been so grateful to have her in my consultation room once a week. Tegan is going to be a fantastic practitioner who really cares for her clients and gives them understanding and time. Her lovely nature will definitely ensure that her clients keep coming back for nutritional advice as well as her kind and loving energy.
This isn’t the end of our working relationship, and I look forward to what lies ahead.” – Kate.